Lakeview provides year round enjoyment and recreational opportunities. The surrounding area offers a wealth of outdoor activities and attractions in both the Outback desert country and the rugged mountains.  You can hunt, fish, hang glide, water ski, swim, boat, golf, snow ski, hike, or simply view the many sights.


The avid outdoorsman will be thrilled with
the hunting & fishing opportunities
that abound within a short distance of Lakeview.

The surrounding area is populated
with mule deer, elk, big horn sheep,
antelope and a variety of fowl,
and many high mountain lakes and streams.

Active Recreation:

Lakeview has been named 
the "hang gliding capital of the West."
Sugar Hill and Blackcap Mtn. are
just 2 of the many mountains that
attract extreme athletes to competitions in Lakeview.

Warner Ski Area is 10 miles away.
Crystal clear lakes populate the area,
daring the watersport enthusiast!

Hiking and Sightseeing:

A hiker and photographers paradise
the high mountain valleys and
the Hart Mountain National Wildlife Refuge
 are but a few of many areas to explore.

Experiencing the spectacular views,
Sun Stone collecting, the fresh Outback air,
the wildlife — all invigorating, all renewing!